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We are your translation company, which will help you to communicate in any language in an easy, effective way. Have your texts and messages translated into English, German, Russian or the language you need by professional native translators.

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Website translations, technical, audiovisual, financial translations, software and video game localization.. We translate what you need into your clients’ language. Fully guaranteed.

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Okodia, your translation agency, makes the best network of professional native translators available to you so you can translate your messages into the local style, providing you with effective communication with your clients.

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California & New York translation agency

Welcome to the website of the translation agency, Okodia – Translation Group in California and New York. Here you will find:

  • Information about the individualized work method provided by our team of specialized native translators.
  • Specific data about each of our translation specialties: sworn, legal, technical, audiovisual, financial, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • Special information about our important software localization work for leading companies all over the world.
  • The opinion of companies in different industries and specialties about the Okodia Group translators’ work.


In Okodia – Translation Group we provide:

  • Native translators with extensive experience in general and specialized translation.
  • An exclusive project manager who will serve as the liaison between your company and the team of translators who will work on your project.
  • Flexible, transparent rates from the start, with no unexpected or unforeseen charges.
  • Absolute respect for your delivery deadline. In our business, as in yours, time is money.
  • The peace of mind of entrusting a fully reliable professional translation agency with your confidential texts.


Our clients’ trust is our best endorsement.

Over the last few years, Okodia – Translation Group has worked on more than 1,500 translation and localization projects in 25 different languages. Moreover, 99% of first-time clients come back to us with new projects.


Main translation services offered by Okodia – Translation Group:

  • Scientific translation: translators who specialize in the various scientific fields translate articles for journals, white papers or webinars, medical trials, scientific books and manuals, theses in various specialties, scientific-technical apps and many more.
  • Audiovisual translation: from e-learning products to multimedia presentations, software localization for the video game industry, subtitles for short films, feature films, or video clips, the dubbing of series and films, audio descriptions for museums, libraries, and cultural centers, etc.
  • Tourism translation: a significant part of Okodia – Translation Group’s clients work in the thriving tourism industry. We translate different materials for them, such as, for example, multimedia applications, list of services for hotels and restaurants, travel books, tourism promotion articles, etc.

In our website you will find detailed information about our translation company, our team of professional translators, as well as about our work method, a system that sets us apart from other translation companies.


Can’t find what you are looking for? Don’t worry. Contact us by clicking here.


Are you visiting the Okodia – Translation Group website for any of these reasons?

  • You are looking for a qualified, reliable translation agency.
  • You need professional translators for a specific project.
  • You are thinking about localization for your next software project.
  • You are looking for a translation agency that provides fast, easy service.
  • You are looking for price quotes for our sworn, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, audiovisual, technical translation services, etc.
  • You are curious about what a translation agency does.


Whatever the reason that brought you to our virtual home, welcome! We invite you to browse through the sections in our website. In them, we explain our work specialties and the way in which we work. If you don’t find exactly the type of translation or localization you need, don’t think twice: send us an e-mail and tell us about your project.


3 of the reasons why you should choose Okodia – Translation Group as your translation agency:

  • We work with a great team of professional translations who are committed to quality in English, French, German, Italian, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Greek, etc.
  • You will have your own linguistic advisor from the start, your own project manager who will optimize the time you will have to spend on translation projects.
  • We guarantee transparent rates, with no small print, suited to the real requirements of your project.


Some of the translation services we provide:

  • Audiovisual translation: translation of multimedia educational products, video games, subtitles, dubbing, audio description, etc.
  • Scientific translation: translation of scientific journals, webinars, clinical trials, scientific manuals, theses and dissertations, apps, etc.
  • Financial translation: translation of corporate reports, international cooperation projects, annual reports, bank documents, etc.
  • Tourism translation: translation of promotional catalogues, tourism apps, restaurant menus, travel guides, etc.


Need professional translators? Talk with us.


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